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The story of UUU is a long one. So rather than try to fit it all on to one page, we figured it would be easier to try to keep it short!! So here is a brief Biography..

It all began back in the mid 90’s. The boys were trying to make it as an original band. Turns out that playing shows all over the place for FREE wasn’t really paying the bills. So they decided to put together a cover band. And thus…UUU was born.

Unlike the other bands of the day who were playing alternative music, UUU decided to focus on a forgotten genre: DISCO! So UUU, the “Disco Boys” were born.
They exploded on to the Northeast Pennsylvania music scene, and quickly established themselves as one of the top draws around. As the word spread, they branched out to NY, NJ, MD, VA……the list goes on and on.

As time went on, and musical tastes began to change, the boys had to adapt. Eventually morphing into the “we play it all” party band they are today.
Some of the faces have changed throughout the years, but the party always rolls on!

UUU has played many different types of shows throughout the years. Nightclubs, Weddings, Corporate Events, PGA Tour Events, Private Parties. You name it, they have played it! They were even featured on the VH-1 televison show “Cover Wars”.

After playing 300+ shows a year for 10 years, the guys decided it was time to hang it up. So in December of 2005, the boys stopped playing. No farewell show…they just stopped. They felt it was time to walk away.

After hundreds of emails and phone calls, the band agreed to play a limited schedule during the Summer of 2006. Due to overwhelming demand, the guys continue to play that limited schedule to this day.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed a VERY brief history of UUU! Hope to see you out at a show soon.

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